Monday, February 09, 2009

Music You Can Dance On

To get you moving on this Monday, here is Mighty Pope's 1979 loft-style disco classic "Sweet Blindness". This boogie gem was included on Pope's Sway LP, which was arranged and produced by Gino Soccio, whom is one of my all-time favorite artists and producers. An earlier version of "Sweet Blindness" was recorded and released by a soul-funk group called Sweet Blindness back in 1976. Mighty Pope and Gino Soccio were really able the track a "dance-floor edge" that the Sweet Blindness version lacked. Enjoy!

Mighty Pope - Sweet Blindness

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David Ballester said...

Thanks for this great track.
How in the hell did I miss this before... Hmmm...
and by the way, great blog. I've been enjoying it for a while now.

Pat Les Stache said...

No worries, I passed on this record for quite a while before I realized this amazing track. I had no idea that Soccio produced it, which generally means it's going to be good. Glad your enjoying the blog!

flux_is_krux said...

The question I asked in the comments under Cosmic Star Dance, was it too hard for you to answer ? Let me rephrase: Was the douglas edit of kendricks your own rip? Thanks

jerome green said...

Hi TJ,

Deep, soulful, chunky, jangly guitar, and truly sweet. Sounds like LOFT in a nut-shell! Thank you so much.

Peace, Jerome

Anonymous said...

flux_is_krux - STFU

flux_is_krux said...

Anonymous: ??I was posing a friendly question re: a song i downloaded that Les Stache for some reason chose to ignore. STFU yourself.

DJ Dex Denver said...

this song is fantastic. thanks for posting it!

Dex Denver

Buscón said...

...great song. I love the bassline and the great voice. The latest Ray Mang features an instrumental of this one.

Thanks for all the great stuff.

from Germany