Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Step by Step, I Get Lifted

One of my favorite things to feature on this blog is TangoTerje edits. They always remind me of a Larry Levan edit remixed by an artist from Full Pupp records. Tangoterje, aka Todd Terje always tends to have the ability to find some really good hidden gem that most people wouldn't consider in remixing, put his touch to the song, and finally turning them into a golden classic. The two I have featured today always puts me into a great mood. First is George McRae's funk classics "I Get Lifted" which was orginally release in 1974 on the album Rock Your Baby. Second is a classic cut from Discognosis titled "Step By Step ", which was first released on the 1977 self-titled LP Discognosis. Tangoterje has release both of these new re-edited versions on 12-inch singles released by Supreme Records, both being amazing re-edit records.

Tangoterje - I Get Lifted
Tangoterje - Step By Step

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Ooft Music™ said...

Nice stuff as usual mate ;) We've linked to your blog from ours.

Unknown said...

you never mentioned the flip. night feckin rider. whats not perfect about that?

Jackson Panix said...

Amazing track. Thanks for turning me on to it.