Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Crue-L Disco

Back in March of 2005, Japanese label, Crue-L Records released a great "nu disco" 12-inch in Crue-L Grand Orchestra's Spend The Day Without You. This record in my opinion is a great mix between a classic Larry Levan garage edit and a new Escort 12". I recently became introduced to this project, which was founded by label owner Kenji Takimi, when I first heard Prins Thomas's re-edit of Crue-L's "Psycho Piano". Some of the music from this project sound almost like beautiful atmospheric landscapes, while other's are disco gems meant for the dancefloor. I'm still finding myself learning more and more about this project and label, with much delight. The one thing I'm finding out fast is that their records and CD-singles sell fast and are usually released in limited quantities. I can't wait to hear more from the Crue-L camp.

Crue-L Grand Orchestra - Spend The Day Without You (Original Extended)

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chris keys said...

not all of their stuff works, but when they're on they are really on, the whole label is interesting and has some very special stuff on it... kinda gets expensive since the older stuff is usually priced rather high.

JW said...

You wouldn't be able to send me the Crue-L future comp, would you? :D