Friday, February 29, 2008

Goody Goody

1978 Goody Goody LPFrom many of my posts, it's not hard to notice that Dimitri From Paris is one of my favorite new school disco producers/deejays. With some of his amazing mix compilations like Disco Forever, The Kings of Disco, A Night At The Playboy Mansion, Defected in the House of Love, and his most recent Cocktail Disco, Dimitri tends develop his mixes and edits around some of the rarest and most delightful disco gems. One of the re-edits that I can't seem to get enough of is his 2004 edit of Goody Goody's 1978 classic "It Looks Like Love". This edit found it's way as part of Rapster Records' mix compilation The Kings Of Disco which was compiled by both Dimitri and known house/disco producer and deejay Joey Negro. The original track was written by disco legend Vincent Montana, Jr. who is responsible for being the centerpiece and producer surrounding classic projects like The Salsoul Orchestra and Montana, as well as being a one-time member of MFSB. Overall this is another classic re-edit from Dimitri, who successfully captures and re-crafts a rare disco gem and re-introduces it to a new generation.

Goody Goody - It Looks Like Love (Dim's Compiled Edit)

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J3Concepts said...

Good post, Dim compiles some of my favorite albums, Cocktail Disco being close to the top of that list. Also as a side note, we got a place in Bellview (I think thats what the area is called). How has your night been going so far?

Pat Les Stache said...

The Cocktail Disco Comp is pretty amazing! As far as the new STUDIO! night, it starts this Wednesday, if you can, try to stop by, I'm sure the night will be a lot of fun!

J3Concepts said...

I dont actually get into town until April 10th. Once I do though I'll definetly be coming. I'll keep you updated for sure.

Gold Code said...

One of my favorite disco tracks. My favorite version is the stripped down, extended, "Esto Parese Amor" on Philly Soundworks. (as featured on Jeff Mills' comp on Azuli).