Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Disco Supervixen

One of the more "sexy themed" disco compilations to come out is thefifth volume in the The Mood Mosaic series entitled, Supervixens. This compilation that was released by Discomagic Records in the mid 1990's brings together some of disco's more erotic rarities. The record also tends to standout a bit more from the others in the The Mood Mosaic series, which tend to lend themselves more for cocktail lounge hour rather than a disco floor. This very rare album consists of some real disco gems including Marta Acuna's "Dance, Dance, Dance", Roundtree "Get On Up", Black Devil's "Follow Me", Chain Reaction's "Dance Freak" and Sylvia's sexy disco classic "The Lollipop Man" among others. Overall this is a great themed disco compilation that puts some disco's more harder-to-find classics all in one place.

Sylvia - The Lollipop Man
Roundtree - Get On Up

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Anonymous said...

I love lollipop man great track. thankyou!!

Anonymous said...

Lollipop man is the poop!

Who knew there was a disco tune about Kojak?

If only there was one about Isaac the bartender on the Love Boat!

Groove said...

I love Roundtree - Get On Up :)

Thank you very much TJ Gorton pour la découverte :)


Groove said...
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Anonymous said...

I want to lick that lollipop cause it taste so good . thanks