Wednesday, June 25, 2008

More From Mr. Nichols

As of late, there have been a flood of new great re-edit records, including the new records from Beard Science, Lee Douglas, Rune Lindbæk, as well as the two new solid releases from the Jiscomusic label. Another re-edit release that I'm extremely excited about is the new Wade Nichols re-edit 12-inch Rvng Of The Nrds Vol. 5 off of the Rvng Intl. label. Rvng Intl. has released some amazing re-edit 12-inches, however this one might just be there best yet. Wade Nichols, which of course is Todd Terje, or some of you might know him by Tangoterje, puts his editing skills to work on some classic 70's radio rock taking on America's "Horse With No Name" and Canned Heat "On The Road Again". There is a third track on the release titled, "Abracadobro" that I can't seem to pinpoint. Ragardless, Nichols, Terje, or whom every he wants to go by, successfully shakes up the disco dancefloor with some more solid, yet unusual cuts!

Wade Nichols - Horse With No Shame

Now go buy the record!

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Pat Les Stache said...

I Love Wade in so many ways!

chris keys said...

the last track u mention, i havent heard it but its not steve miller bands abracadabra is it??

Pat Les Stache said...

No it's not, however, that being said, I'm actually working on re-edit of that track as we speak.

chris keys said...

ha ha ha - yeah i just checked it out, it is indeed not... look forward to hearing your eidt