Monday, July 28, 2008

Lectric Love Disco

A track that I found listening to a few times during my very laid-back weekend was The Destroyers' 1977 cosmic disco classic "'Lectric Love". This track was included as the A-side to the groups only Salsoul Records twelve inch, which also included another great track in "Slave of Love" on the flip. The track also made it onto the more recently released compilation, "Salsoul Presents: Disco Funk Flavas Vol .2" which features some other rare Salsoul classics, which I also highly recommend picking up. Regardless, the mid-tempo erotic disco classic, "'Lectric Love", hit me just right and was one of the more fitting songs for my very relaxing weekend.

The Destroyers - 'Lectric Love

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Anonymous said...

dope tune, thanks really appreciate this!

Anonymous said...

Another great one! It sounds a bit like 'Body to body boogie' by O.R.S.

Anonymous said...

thanks for that. Very sweet tempo and melodic arrangements. Just love it!