Monday, August 25, 2008

Going Gold with the Olympic Runners

With the Olympic games wrapping up, I thought I would pay a "disco tribute" by sharing one of my favorite songs by the disco funk group Olympic Runners, "Sir Dancealot". This classic boogie track was released off the 1978 LP Dancealot, and was the records featured single. From 1974 to 1979, this United Kingdom group released many solid records and singles including "Whatever It Takes", "Get It While You Can", "Solar Heat", and "The Bitch", which became the title track song for the 1978 film The Bitch, written by Jackie Collins and starring Joan Collins. Regardless, this is probably the closest I get to having a "themed post", so enjoy a classic by one of the UK's finest soul-funk outfits, the Olypmic Runners.

Olympic Runners - Sir Dancealot

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discobunny said...

Thanks for this track. x

Anonymous said...

I like the track as much as the picture!

Anonymous said...

Just recently rented "The Bitch" and fell in lurve with the soundtrack !