Friday, August 08, 2008

Wild Fantasy & Jungle Drums

I recently came across Wild Fantasy's 1978 disco classic Jungle Drums, and I have to admit I haven't been able to put the record down since. This classic album was produced by Tony Hiller of Brotherhood Of Man fame. The record contains amazing dancefloor friendly cuts including "Gypsy Lady", "Africa", "Get It On", and "Africa". I first found out about the group when I found a twelve-inch version of "Africa" for about two dollars and thought it was worth giving it a listen. When it comes to disco, any song or artist with the word "fantasy" and "Africa" included, I find, generally means it's going to be good. This is definitely one of those times that the previous statement is absolutely true, with Wild Fantasy releasing a disco masterpiece in Jungle Drums.

Wild Fantasy - Africa
Wild Fantasy - Jungle Drums

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professor Eddy said...

Nicely done! A bit seventies 'Eurovison Song Contest' style, like Silver Convention. I like the picture! ;-)

Mr B said...

Great stuff.. thanks bro