Thursday, August 07, 2008

Cosmic Bubble Love

I'm still trying to recover from last night's STUDIO!, which definitely got a bit "hot and sweaty" to say the least. That being said, I'm going to keep today's post relatively short, sharing the classic 1979 disco cut, "Bubble Sex" from Tommy Seebach. This song was featured on the popular Danish singer's album, Disco Tango which was released that same year. The classic erotic track more recently made it's way onto the 2006 Permanent Vacation compilation. "Cosmic" can definitely be a word to help describe this track which ultimately sounds like "having slow sex in a hot bubble bath", something I can easily get into. This is also one of those songs I can see making it's way into a Rune Lindbæk or Prins Thomas deejay mix, as well as a 1970's adult film. Regardless, it's a great atmospheric disco classic that can help promote a lot of different "activities", especially during the end of a long evening.

Tommy Seebach - Bubble Sex

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professor Eddy said...

This is great stuff! Tommy Seebach made the most funny video ever:

'Bubble sex' is originally the b-side of 'Apache'.

H.M.A. said...

omg! is that altair nouveau?

Anonymous said...

this track is brilliant! thanx for sharing!

acidbearboy said...

Thanks for this one, been after a copy of this since hearing it on the CBS Top 100. Classic sleeze!

Anonymous said...

Gotta say this is one of your best posts this year. This track is amazing! Will easily fit into todays cosmic disco sets. Thanks for sharing.