Wednesday, September 03, 2008

Lookin' Tonight...For Love

A classic disco track that I've been enjoying throughout the summer has been Fat Larry's Band's 1979 "Lookin' For Love". This classic boogie cut was released as the title track to the Lookin' For Love LP, which is another fine release from the legendary Fantasy label. The song also gained some more recent attention as it was re-edited and included on Dimitri From Paris's In The House of Love mix compilation which came out a few years back. Many believe the groups 1982 boogie classic "Act Like You Know" is the group's finest effort, however, being a bigger fan of late 1970's disco genre music, I believe the Philadelphia based funk band shined the brightest on "Lookin' For Love, a true disco gem that reminds me of all those early classic Salsoul releases by groups like Double Exposure, Moment of Truth, Love Committee, and Instant Funk.

Fat Larry's Band - Lookin' For Love

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professor Eddy said...

Yeah, that's a good one. The guy on the picture seems to be looking for gold or something... ;-)

Anonymous said...

although i love this track, its a complete ripoff of gq's classic, disco nights.

Anonymous said...

its better in my opinion,i luv the guitar riff!!!!