Thursday, October 09, 2008

1-2-3 Shake Your Body Down

Here is (most likely I would say) my favorite Odyssey track in 1980's "Use It Up And Wear It Out". This funky classic was included on the group's Hang Together LP, released during that same year. Odyssey has released some solid cuts, however I don't think anything quite moves me like "Use It Up And Wear It Out". This track has become a popular STUDIO! cut, especially during the early hours when people are still a bit more in that 'happy-hour-lounge' mood. Enjoy!

Odyssey - Use It Up And Wear It Out

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professor Eddy said...

Good stuff! I like their 'Native New Yorker' as well.

Anonymous said...

UK dance duo Pat & Mick did a HiNRG remake produced by Stock, Aitken & Waterman in 1990 that was big in the clubs and a lot of fun to dance to (I was one of those enjoying it!). Never knew of this original version. Thanks for the introduction.

RayRay said...

"Hang Together" is a good album, It also contains another great track, "Don't Tell Me, Tell Her."

fritz the cat said...

good tune which could do with a good edit!

Anonymous said...

I was a 12 yr. old living in England at the time this was a big hit there back in 1980,and can remember loving this song.

Over the years it would come back to haunt me many times,and I often wondered who it was that did it. For some reason I always thought that it was the Pointer Sisters,and that I just had to find out what song it was of theirs.

So I went through all kinds of Pointer Sisters music looking for the song,and I just could not find it.

I was about to give up,and then I found a site that listed all the top 40 Hits in the UK from the 1950's - through now. So I went through every single song that I didn't recognize on the list for the year 1980,and then used the 'All Music Guide' site to play the clips of those songs. After a few late nights of doing this I found out who it was that actually did this song,and then after a quick search online looking for the mp3 - I found your site.

Thanks to you I got to download,and enjoy it. After all those years of having that damn song stuck in my head,and wondering who the hell it was! LOL

Cheers,Paul L ; )