Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Fantasy is My Name

...Making Love is My Favorite GameHere is Bruni Pagan's 1979 disco classic "Fantasy" off of her debut LP Just Bruni. I've been lovin' this track for quite sometime now, playing it the past few weeks in the earlier hours on Wednesdays. I slightly favor this more downtempo dance cut over the two other solid album cuts "Don't Be So Mean (In Your Jeans)" and the album opener "Late For Love". I recommend picking up a copy of Just Bruni if you can find a copy, however the "Fantasy twelve-inch, which includes "Don't Be So Mean (In Your Jeans)", will be just fine.

Bruni Pagan - Fantasy

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1 comment:

RayRay said...

One of the best disco tracks ever, in my opinion. Love the dark strings, which I beieve were arranged by Patrick Adams. Thanks for posting this!