Friday, November 07, 2008

Don't Fall In Love

Lately I've been enjoying Alma Faye's funky mid-tempo disco classic "Don't Fall in Love". This song seems to have just as much soul as it has disco. I dropped it the other night at STUDIO! and people seemed to really enjoy it. The song was featured both as a twelve-inch single and as an album cut on the 1979 LP, Doin' It on Casablanca Records. Overall, a nice and funky disco classic to get you ready for the weekend. Enjoy!

Alma Faye - Don't Fall In Love

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Chevy Chaser said...

love the site man. great selection...

Anonymous said...

Great site, Love it.
Hope you folks will enjoy the following track sampling this submission.
Yourself, Together [ZS]
Keep on posting great songs ;)
Love ♥♥♥
- Nick Kosby