Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Get Up, Get On Your Feet!

I have to start off and point out how much I'm loving the artwork of this twelve-inch single by Carte Blanche. Two naked females on roller skates...very nice. Anyways, I recently came across this single and over the past few weeks the record has really grown on me. The single features two great tracks which include the title track "Get Up Get On Your Feet" and the more erotic downtempo disco cut "Do You Like It Like That". This record was written by Carte Blanche, aka Bernie Taupin, whom also helped write Elton John's popular hit song "Don't Go Breaking My Heart". Overall, a classic disco twelve that looks great and even sounds better!

Carte Blanche - Get Up Get On Your Feet
Carte Blanche - Do You Like It Like That

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professor Eddy said...

The song is even better than the picture! ;-) It's also on an album, called '70s Maximum' (Disky).

Anonymous said... never fail to suprise's an interesting site for you to check out

Any chance of reuploading Golden Tears by's the only one I need by Costandinos

Much love

Anonymous said...

Tasty cover, tasty track.

Once again TJ Gorton's got the goods.

Love the site,