Thursday, November 06, 2008

No Romance, Just Wanna Dance

I'm going to continue my Theo Vaness love affair on this blog and post another one of my many personal favorites in "No Romance Keep On Dancing". This classic disco cut was featured on the 1979 Bad Bad Boy LP, which in my opinion, is one of the greatest disco records of all-time. Regardless, another brilliant classic from a true legend in Theo Vaness.

Theo Vaness - No Romance Keep On Dancing

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RayRay said...

I totally agree that Bad Bad Boy is one of the best disco albums of all time. Sadly, it's still not available on CD. No Romance/Keep On Dancing is just killer. Awesome track. As usual, thanks for posting this classic!

professor Eddy said...

Theo Vaness is a bit of a fake gay, but this album is really great, I agree. In Holland the album is available on cd:

Anonymous said...

Bad bad boy is a great but flawed LP, there are a couple of decent tracks this one and Sentinmentally its you, but the saving grace is the Boris Midney production.......done to a better effect on Festival's Evita, Masquerades Pinocchio, beautiful bend and USA European Connection.

If it wasn't for the MI sound on this LP then it wouldn't be hailed as the classic it is.

Top site thou

Anonymous said...


Any chance of posting

Golden Tears by Sumeria


the Hott City tracks again

I missed them and they are classics.....

Anonymous said...

but the sleeve you show is his last album that is untitled. the tune i love inside this one is "magic dancer". another 3 Sebastians productions who worked a lot with lots of French acts.