Monday, November 03, 2008

Walking On Music

Today I thought I might share my favorite Peter Jacques Band track, "Walking On Music" which appeared on the 1978 LP Fire Night Dance. To say that this record consists of some hi-energy disco would probably be an under estimate with other uptempo dance numbers like "Devil's Run", "Fly With The Wind", and the self-titled "Fire Night Dance" rounding out the rest of the record. This record was also conducted and arranged by legendary disco producer Mauro Malavasi whom helped bring us Macho, Revanche, Change, and many many others. Regardless, a classic uptempo disco classic that can help shake those 'election night ' parties.

Peter Jacques Band - Walking On Music

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RayRay said...

My favorite disco album of all time. Not a bad song in the bunch.

Anonymous said...

found the 2LP promo version the other week....some really great stuff.