Friday, October 31, 2008

Disco Dracula

I've been holding off posting this more 'themed' disco track until Halloween. With that being said, here is two cuts, "Soul Dracula" and "Sex Me" off of Hot Blood's 1977 Disco Dracula LP. Hot Blood was a German studio disco project that gained some attention with "Soul Dracula" in 1975 which promoted the group to do their only full-length LP. I guess it would be hard to continue to create songs about sex, disco, and draculas....the more I think about that, maybe not. Anyways, Happy Halloween!

Hot Blood - Soul Dracula
Hot Blood - Sex Me

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professor Eddy said...

I've been looking for Soul Dracula a long, long time, thanks! It reached #6 on the pop charts over here in Holland early 1977.

Anonymous said...

Sex Me and the previously posted Body To Body Boogie both seem to have a "Middle Eastern undercurrent" to me, I think it's the string stylings. Good stuff!

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat

I love, love love this track, the version I've got on 7' is just under four mins, along with the MP3 version. I used to play this back to back with sarr Bands Mephisto. (strangely hasn't surfaced on here yet, except the A side, Magic Mandrake)

I hung up my disco DJ collection 10years ago, and had one of the biggest collections in the UK. Years of dedication and thrift shop trawling.

sadly I lost 3/4 of it to a flood bout 8 years ago.......and had to sell the rest as they were pretty worthless, and damaged.

I have gotten the majority of the best tracks on MP3, well over 800 well known groovable tracks.

it's great to see someone else enjoying the hidden gems of disco, Barrabas, Peter jacques band et al instead of the mainstream. I tune into ya blog every week to see what gems I have missing.......

only major flaw is a can't access the Zshare..........any chance of putting them onto the dance robot media thingymijig?????

Keep the disco dream alive.....