Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poo-Say! Poo-Say!

One record that I was happy to pick-up in 2008 was Poussez!'s 1979 self-titled album. Poussez! was a project produced and conducted by Alphonse Mouzon with the helping of vocalist Christine Wiltshire, whom also contributed vocally to many oter classic disco groups including Phreek, Class Action, Musique, and Aural Exciters. Overall the record is pretty solid from start to finish. It includes solid disco cuts, which include "Come On And Do It", "Boogie With Me", "You're All I Have", and "Never Gonna Say Goodbye" . Here is my personal favorite track, "You're All I Have", from this great record. Enjoy!

Poussez! - You're All I Have

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Anonymous said...

A true classic !! Thanks

sunnyinlondon said...

I was 17, back in 1979, when I first heard "You're all I have" and from then on it became my favourite disco track. I bought the LP the same day. Over the years I had many copies of it, until I got rid of my turntable. Luckily it was issued as a CD back in the early 90's. There's no finer or more sofisticated disco music than Poussez'. Only Sylvester's "You make me feel" comes any close. Keep up the good work. H