Thursday, February 26, 2009

Fly Like a Phoenix

A few weeks back, I was excited to pick-up an orginal sealed copy of Aquarian Dream's funky self-titled LP, released back in 1976. This Norman Connors' produced record includes the jazz-funk flavoured disco gem "Phoenix", a track I fell in love with on first listen. Overall the record has good feel, blending elements of jazz, soul, and disco together nicely in a way that makes sense. However, none of the other album cuts quite recapture the brilliance of "Phoenix", which makes the album worth owning all by itself. That being said, it's still an overall solid album that I'm excited to have found in such good shape. Plus, you got to just love the album's over-the-top artwork.

Aquarian Dream - Phoenix

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professor Eddy said...

This is a blog with very little interaction, but I like the tracks you put on it, like this one!

Unknown said...

I think their track "love and tears" is a masterpiece.

Pat Les Stache said...

professor Eddy -

As far as interaction, I completely agree. I would love to see more interaction and comments from the readers of this blog like opinions, requests, recommendations, expanded information based on the releases and artists, etc.

I put a lot of time doing this blog, and I love it, however it would be nice if people could leave their thoughts a bit more often instead of just downloading a song and leaving.

BTW, professor Eddy - thanks for all the comments. Keep them coming!

Anonymous said...

Another great song by them is disco juice and Pat you should do an edit of that song.

professor Eddy said...

That's exactly what I meant, Pat. But go on with this blog, I love it!

Jamahl Ra5hid said...

Great selection, "Look Ahead" (on the same lp) I consider to be almost on par with "Phoenix" and was an old Ron Hardy favorite