Thursday, February 05, 2009

More Beast Disco

Speaking of 'Beasts' (previous post), here is a Beast-ly themed disco re-edit of Marsha Hunt 22(aka Marsha Hunt)'s 1973 funky classic "(Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day" by Lee Douglas. I heard that this edit is supposedly going to eventually make it's way onto an upcoming Editions Disco release. At this point we can only hope that is still the plan. If not, please someone reale it! With that being said, enjoy part two of my 'beast disco' infactuation.

Marsha Hunt's 22 - (Oh, No! Not) The Beast Day
(Lee Douglas Re-edit)

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1 comment:

professor Eddy said...

Very nice! It has that typical pre-disco funk feel (or something like that...).