Monday, March 23, 2009

Cosmic Love Pirate

With Space Truckin' records recently releasing the excellent third twelve-inch in their Galactic Haulage Edits Series, I thought I would post the 1977 original version of Dogs of War's sleazy cosmic gem "Love Pirate". Dogs of War were a Canadian band that nicely blended together gritty 70's rock and cosmic flavoured disco. Their 1977 self-titled LP, which features "Love Pirate", is a cosmic masterpiece with solid cuts like "Future Jungle", "Space Conqueror" "Intergalactic Tactic" among others. The Galactic Haulage Edits pt.3 features a nice re-edit of "Love Pirate", re-ranging the song to make it a bit more dancefloor friendly. Regardless of which route you prefer regarding the re-edit or the original, it's safe to say that Dogs of War successfully produced a unique cosmic sound that makes songs like "Love Pirate" an instant gem.

Dogs of War - Love Pirate

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SANDI said...

loving it.