Thursday, April 30, 2009

Hymn for Africa

American Athlete Blog/ Pat Les Stache Rule#1 -
Disco Groove + African Theme = Brilliant Song!

If you are a believer in the above theory, as I am, this 1977 disco gem, entitled "Hymn for Africa", by Daniel Jackson Explosion should be much to your liking. This funky track was written and produced by Danny Besquet and was mixed by seasoned disco veteran John Davis from the Monster Orchestra. The record also consists of a clever use of a front and back side of the actual record artwork. Very innocent looking female on the front, until you flip the record over and get the "whole" picture. Great artwork, great track...brilliant record. Enjoy!

Daniel Jackson Explosion - Hymn for Africa

NOTE: I'm almost out of download bandwidth on my DivShare account, so until May 6th when my download bandwidth renews, I'm going to just host the songs on my personal website (which is what I did back in the early days of this blog). This is only temporary and I won't have to do this ever again starting May 6th.

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Mr. Smith said...

Amazing tune!!!

Anonymous said...

freakin great!