Thursday, April 09, 2009

Leo's Message of Love

Remember that hard-to-find early 80's post-disco classic from Herb Albert and Queen's Freddy Mercury. Okay, I admit I stole that analogy (from Leo Zero himself). Maybe if you don't remember that track entitled "Message of Love", it's probably because their wasn't one, however the made-up collaboration does help describe this amazing production from Leo Zero who actually samples Mr. Freddy Mercury on vocals. I actaully recieved a digital copy of this track a while back and I was pretty blown away on first listen. With that being said, I was very excited this week to see the funky track released on vinyl. I highly recommend each and everybody to go pick-up a copy of this new record, out on his Glory's Series, by Leo Zero while supplies still last. Definitely one of this year's best productions!

Leo Zero ft. Freddy Mercury - Message of Love


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Anonymous said...

it's very poor,non human bass ,just bad technic, no good sound , stop , please.dgr.

Anonymous said...

zero man, take lessons !!

Pat Les Stache said...

I don't mind people leaving negative comments, however what I don't like is people saying something and not owning up to it. If your going to say something negative on this blog, at least have the guts to identify yourself. It's easy to criticize, however it's another thing to stand by that criticizism.

Personally I think this edit is amazing, one of the best of the year. On top of that, I think Leo Zero has been putting out some of the best re-edits over the past couple of years. So I say, keep up the great work.

From a man who is willing to stand by his thoughts.

-Pat Les Stache aka TJ Gorton

Mic said...

bloody good track !!

Anonymous said...

I love it, I only found it becuase I'm a Freddie fan, but I'm also a disco fan and it has that 70's disco sound. Very Freddie, love the instumental background as well.