Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Lipstique at the Disco

Here is a great disco cover by Lipstique, combining both Shocking Blue's early 70's psychedelic hit "Venus" and The Doors' popular rock classic "Light My Fire". This cover, appropriately titled "Venus/ Light My Fire", was included on the group's 1978 album At The Discotheque which was mixed by Tom Moulton and released on the producer's label Tom N' Jerry Records. As I've noted before, everything that seemed to have come out on Tom N' Jerry was good, and the same lies true for Lipstique's At The Discotheque album. I find that the title track "At The Discotheque" tends to recieve more praise, however I tend to enjoy the "Venus/ Light My Fire" cover a bit more. That being said, both tracks are great. Overall, another solid and well produced disco release from Tom Moulton's legendary label Tom N' Jerry.

Lipstique - Venus/ Light My Fire

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professor Eddy said...

It sounds okay, but Tom Moulton has done better things in his long lasting carreer, I think. But nice to hear a track that hadn't heard before.

Pat Les Stache said...

I agree that this isn't his "best" work, however I thought it was more of a unique song from his wide collection. You definitely have to be in the mood for it... that's for sure.