Monday, May 11, 2009

Paying Tribute to the late Viola Wills

Last week I was unfortunately informed by a regular reader of this blog that on Wednesday May 6 soul/disco diva Viola Wills had passed away due to leukemia. I thought I would pay tribute by dedicating today’s post to the amazing and accomplished singer. Wills released a number of great songs during her career including "Gonna Get Along Without You Now", "Never Knew Love Like This Before", "Stormy Weather", "Up On The Roof" and many many others. With that being said, my favorite Viola Wills song was definitely her popular 1979 disco classic "If You Could Read My Mind". Even though I have heard this song a thousand times, I still find it harder to find a song in my record collection that can consistently put me in a good mood. It’s one of those mid-tempo classics that I always enjoy hearing at the end of a long night of dancing. It's safe to say that Viola Wills was an extraordinary artist and singer whose music will forever be remembered.

Viola Wills - If You Could Read My Mind

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Unknown said...

How sad :( RIP.

Yes wonderful song for sure!!

ATLDisco said...

Thanks Pat!

Unknown said...

Terrible news.... I was just playing this yesterday, and totally agree this track is the 'one'. Original by Gordon Lightfoot, but that one breaks my heart everytime I here it..
big thanks for adding this one.. We love you Viola!

Anonymous said...

Tribute Concert to Viola Wills, 9th July 8pm Pigalle Club, Picadilly, London