Friday, May 08, 2009

Super Disco D'or

There are some disco compilations definitely worth owning. One of those compilations is Disques Ibach's late 70's release of Super Disco D'or Vol.01. This record contains many hard-to-find disco gems like Rod Mckuen's "Amor Amor", "Space Woman" from Herman's Rocket, Claudia Cardinale's "Love Affair", Top Stars' "My Yiddishe Mamme", and many many others. Now if your lucky, you might be able to hunt some of these tracks down in twelve-inch single form, however they might collectively help break the bank. With this unmixed compilation from Disques Ibach, who I am a huge fan of, you get alot of bang for your buck, however it should be noted that Super Disco D'or Vol.01 isn't going to be the easiest record to find nor the cheapest. With that being said, I would say that I have been able to find a few copies floating out there on the internet, which is more than I can say for many of the individual twelve-inches that this record is made up of. Long story short....this record is definitely worth it, as are most in this amazing series!

Top Stars - My Yiddishe Mamme

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ATLDisco said...

Hi TJ....Could you post something in honor of Viola Wills who passed away from cancer on Wednesday? Info at


Anonymous said...

Great tune , thanks Pat.