Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Aimer D'Amour

I recently heard Boule Noire's late 70's disco gem "Aimer D'Amour" for the first time and pretty much fell in love with it immediately. The song, which was written by Albert Hammond and Leo Sayer, has very funky laid-back "tropical-flavoured" groove and, as the title suggests, is sung in French by the man behind Boule Noire, Quebec native Georges Thurston. The song has been recently re-issued by the Canadian label Unidisc and I highly recommend picking up copy if you haven't been able to hunt down the original. Enjoy!

Boule Noire - Aimer D'Amour

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Anonymous said...

Im liking this track dude,always time for the more obscure disco that blogs like these can dig up.
Take it easy.

professor Eddy said...

I prefer the English version by Cashmere with lines like: 'I do what I can to show you I'm a man... I lay you down on the floor to give you more and moren...' ;-)

Anonymous said...

Sounds filthy Prof, might have to snap that version up also!

MP3 Now said...

Disco rulez!

Anonymous said...

ya damn right!


Anonymous said...