Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Man Was Born in Africa

One of my favorite finds from my past trip to Canada this summer was a used copy of African Magic Combo's rare 1978 twelve-inch gem "Man Was Born In Africa". This was one of the records that I had never heard when I came across it. It's safe to say that from the date of it's release and the vibe I was getting from the artwork, I knew this was a twelve worth listening. I must admit that I wasn't, and still not, really into the A-side of the single which is"Man Was Born In Africa Part I" , however the B-side, which is part II of the track, really had me movin'. Part II of the single successfully cuts out all the unneccessary "pork" that Part I continues to fall back on throughout the track. Regardless, I was definitely sold on the B-side of this single and the song has become a constant favorite that I play out when I deejay. I've had thoughts about doing a possible re-edit, however we will just have to see. Anyways, enjoy!

African Magic Combo - Man Was Born in Africa pt.2

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Very Cool ! Thanks for posting .