Thursday, December 10, 2009

Let's Go Another Round

Here is another solid Patrick Adams produced cut in Rainbow Brown's "Let's Go Another Round". This is the Tom Moulton extended mix of the 1981 funky gem. As you can see, there is some true heavyweight's on this track with Adams and Moulton, which almost always leads to greatness. The track was originally released on the group's self-titled album which includes vocals by Fonda Rae, Christine Wiltshire, and Ullande McCullough among others. Overall this is one of those early eighties Patrick Adams produced signature tracks that never seem to get old. Through some solid mixing by Moulton and you got yourself a true classic. Enjoy!

Rainbow Brown - Let's Go Another Round (Tom Moulton Mix)

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1 comment:

professor Eddy said...

It's always good to hear A Tom Moulton Mix! Have a nice weekend.