Tuesday, January 26, 2010

All Camels Hump

Lately, I have been really enjoying music by Latin jazz percussionist Sabu Martinez. One of my favorite "Sabu" releases is his 1973 funky LP "Afro Temple". On top of having one of my all-time favorite LP covers (artwork), the record consists of a steady diet of funky Afro-Cuban gems including "My Son Johnny & Me", "All Camels Hump", and "My Cristina" among many others. The record features a heavy dose of funky Latin conga grooves that will have you movin' from start to finish. As I continue to explore the many recordings and collaborations Sabu was involved with, the more I'm convinced that he is definitely one of the greatest Latin percussionists and artists of all-time. In the next few weeks, if not already, Mellotronen records out of Sweden will be releasing some hard-to-find material from this amazing artist. From the tracks I've already heard, I highly recommend snatching up these records when you get a chance. Until then, here is one of my personal Sabu favorites in "Hotel Alyssa - Soussie, Tunisia". Enjoy!

Sabu Martinez - Hotel Alyssa - Soussie, Tunisia

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Anonymous said...

heavy heavy HEAVY!!! Damn this is great