Monday, January 04, 2010

Secret Sounds of Disco

Hope everyone had a wonderful and safe New Years. Mine was pretty low-key with me and my wife choosing to avoid the crowds and share a bottle of champagne in the middle of an "upscale" San Francisco park.

Anyways, sometimes the best way to enter in a new year musically is to continue to look back and give some much do praise for some of the best releases from the past year. One of those amazing releases, was Al Kent's Secret Sounds album. Unlike his amazing Better Days album which was recorded and produced much like the disco records from the 70's with a full orchestra, under The Million dollar Orchestra alias, this new album features a much smaller cast of musicians and contributors. Kent, on this new album, nicely blends that classic disco sound with a refreshing new feel that at times reminds me of some of the newer Faze Action tracks. Some of the standout tracks include "I Like It", "Come Back Home", "Tenner Rap", and my personal favorite "Disco Sex". Overall, it's another solid release from Al Kent, who is certainly establishing himself as one of today's top disco producers.

Al Kent - Disco Sex

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1 comment:

professor Eddy said...

Yeah, I like the album too. My personal favorite is 'Reverb is your friend'. It has, just like 'disco sex', some kind of a Blaxploitation soundtrack feel.