Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Road Rockets

I'm not spending much time in front of the computer today, therefore I thought I would just go ahead and re-post the classic disco gem "On The Road Again" by Rockets. This funky cut was included as the title track to the group's full-length album back in 1978 and was released off of Tom Moulton's excellent label Tom N' Jerry. Moulton is also noted on the record for it's overall mix. Just as the album's artwork might suggest, the song has a bit of an early italo and cosmic disco groove, blended together with the group's overall sci-fi theme. Overall, "On The Road Again" is a classic cosmic disco masterpiece that resulted in the group's most defining song during their long career. Enjoy!

Rockets - On The Road Again

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Anonymous said...

Love This, would mix perfectly with War Dance KEBEKELEKTRIK same cosmic groove ...

John said...

Hi Pat & everybody,
for those of you who like their space disco without cheesy white vocals:
A while ago i've made an edit of "On The Road Again". I kept only the great cosmic vocoder vocals and concentrated on the deep instrumental parts.
Edit's still a bit on the lazy side, as i planned to come back on this but didn't so far.
Get the wav-file here: