Tuesday, June 22, 2010


You know it's been a long day when you're looking forward to it being over at 2pm in the afternoon. A track that always helps lift my spirits is the soulful disco gem "Janice (Don't be so blind to love)" by Skip Mahoney. This funky "feel-good" classic was released in 1980 as a twelve-inch single off of Salsoul Records. The track was mixed by legendary deejay Bobby "DJ" Guttadaro, who was a fixture at Fire Island's The Ice Palace and later went on to be a resident at Manhattan's Le Jardin and Infinity disco nightclubs. Overall, it's a classic Salsoul release that always has the ability to make any one's day, regardless of how it's going, that much better. Janice!

Skip Mahoney - Janice (Don't be so blind to love)

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guillaume Galuz said...

epic !

RetroRuss said...

I have this record!! Buried in the attic (because it said 'mixed' and was from 1980) - got filthy and dug it out....thanks for making me going to get it!