Monday, June 21, 2010

Disco's True Example

Often I receive email from readers, who are visiting my city, requesting recommendations as to the best parties and events that are taking place during their out of town visit. By living in a city with such a thriving nightlife like San Francisco, most of the time I can point them in the right direction and give them a few good options. That being said, this is not always an easy question for me to answer because I find the best dance parties and evenings, personally, are the ones that are spent at home in my living room while sharing a few drinks or a bottle of wine with my wife. This is probably due to a few obvious reasons including 1) I control the music and can play whatever I want 2) the drinks are a lot cheaper 3) I can avoid the sometimes large and annoying crowds. Maybe many of you can relate where I'm getting at. It's not that I don't like going out and enjoying a great party, because I do. However, I can't underestimate the enjoyment that one can have from hanging out in your own living room, having some drinks, and listen to same great records. Anyways, the reason for bringing all of that up is because I wanted to share a disco track that often seems to get played while my wife and I are enjoying one of those many low-key evenings hanging out in our living room in True Example's "As Long As You Love Me". This funky and soulful disco classic was released as the B-side to the group's "Love Is Finally Coming My Way" twelve-inch single. The single was released by Norman Harris' Gold Mind Records and distributed by Salsoul Records. The record was also mixed by legendary DJ/producer Walter Gibbons. Overall, it's a great track that works perfectly for those cool-down moments on a disco dancefloor or during any of those evening that you just want to enjoy a bottle of wine while hanging out in your living room.

True Example - As Long As You Love Me

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Thurston Howell III said...

That's gotta be Earl Young on the skins on this one........drumming god!!

RetroRuss said...

Great track Pat!

Anonymous said...

That is Earl Young on drums, Norman Harris on guitar, Ronnie Baker on Bass and me, Kathleen Prattis, Grace Pinder, Bonnie Mays and Robert "Cubby St. Charles' Owens who are the vocalist of True Example. We're from Chester, PA and Philly. That's me singing the female lead vocals on Love is Finally Coming My Way and As Long As You Love Me. Glad to read you're a fan of our talents.

Kathleen Prattis

Anonymous said...

The best discos are at home your right,and this is a staple standard.


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