Wednesday, July 28, 2010

American Athlete Post #1,000

I'm excited to announce that with this entry, the American Athlete Blog has reached it's 1,000th post. In this day and current Internet age with websites and blogs coming and going, I'm very proud to see that this blog has survived and blossomed into the kind of music resource and website that I had hoped for when I first established it back in the Spring of 2006. It's been over four years since I started this blog, and in that time the site has continued to evolve, discussing many different sub genres and artists as my own music tastes have continued to shape and mature. This blog first started off with a focus more on the exciting "nu disco" sound that, at the time, seemed to be developing right before our eyes. The site then took a prominent and important shift, finding it's identity as a credible disco blog in an age where the genre has almost gained a new re-birthing. As we sit here and celebrate the blog's small, yet significant achievement of longevity, it seems like the blog is slightly shifting once again and expanding it's boundaries musically, opening up it's doors to funky African, Latin, and jazz music. I often get asked by those who follow the blog, "Why did you start doing the blog in the first place?". The answer is simple, to share the music I love and enjoy with others while hopefully in the process learning some things as well. What I find that keeps this blog's "engine turning" is the people that continue to keep coming back to it, sharing their own thoughts and ideas about the featured songs and/or artists. For that reason, I must thank all of you for your continued support throughout the years that this site has been up and running. It's very much appreciated and certainly not ever taken for granted.

After much thought about what I should actually do for a post of this significance, I thought I would go back and re-post a bundle of tracks that have previously been featured on this site. Enjoy and Thanks Again!

Arthur Russell - In The Light of the Miracle(Danny Krivit Edit) (Download)
Barrabas - On The Road Again
Blackwell - Move Your Ass Gringo (
Bonnie Boyer - Got To Give In To Love (
Bruni Pagan - Fantasy (
Bumblebee Unlimited - I Love You (
Capricorn - Pow Pow Pow (
Daniel Jackson Explosion - Hymn For Africa (
Destinantion - Move On Up(
East Harlem Bus Stop - Let's Get It On (
D.C. LaRue - Hot Jungle Drums And Voodoo Rhythm (
Bionic Boogie - Tiger Tiger (
Belle Epoque - Miss Broadway(
Beautiful Bend - Boogie Motion (
Matsubara - SOS (Prins Thomas Edit) (

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Monsieur Seb said...

Hey there! There a coupla links that don't work... :(

Kate said...

I LOVE this! I listened to this playlist while I was packing in my 100 degree apartment, and it made moving a lot more fun. Thanks for providing so much awesome :)

Pat Les Stache said...

All the links should now be working, sorry about that!

Anonymous said...

Wow, thanks and congrats, the pleasure is often for us, to discover this great music, thanks for Bionic Boogie, and a couple more that im discovering, as always fantastic, CONGRATS AGAIN ... and to many more time again ... RU !

BklynRob said...

Thank you, and keep this thang going!!! Been a fan since discovering the old StudioDisco blog.

Emma said...

Bravo! I've been a huge fan for years now and this is quite the accomplishment! You run a great, great site -- a true gem of the web. Thank you!

Anonymous said...

Chapeau! Congraturation for your cool site, for this cool post and for all these amazing tracks!
Greetings from Italy

Anonymous said...

Hi Pat,

Congratulations on the 1000th post! Keep up the great work mate! From Mel in Sydney, Australia.

professor Eddy said...

Go for another 1000 posts, Pat! Keep the good work going.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! Top blog - thanks for keeping it that way!

'Magic' Juan said...

Thanks for all the great tracks, Pat.

The Neurotic Brothers said...

Congratulations!!! Many thanks for such an amazing collection of great tunes

glamjacknyc said...

thanks for such a wonderful and insightful blog and for sharing this amazing music....Congratulations!

daniel viborg said...

Cheers on keeping a great blog going through the ages, and thanks for sharing the great music here. "Miss Broadway" needs to go on for another ten minutes or so.

P. said...

Keep it up - great stuff! Tahnks!

Anonymous said...

so sad nothing seems to be working anymore
any chance of re-up, big fan, on vacation & missed

Pat Les Stache said...

Yeah, it must be my server. All the files are there, however there must be some technical issue going on. I would just chack back later today or tomorrow.

the saucer people said...

All the files work fine last time I did a download.

I noticed you posted the Prins Thomas edit of Matsubara's SOS from his Diskomiks EP...I was really really hoping you may have a rip of another track off the EP, his majestic Amon Duul II 'De Guadeloop' re-edit called suprisingly 'Guade Loop' ....I had a copy till a few months ago when one of my external drives went up in smoke...happy to send you so rare cosmic gems in return!


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