Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mid-Eastern Disco

Rubber Room just recently released one of the year's most interesting disco edits in "Taliban Discotheque", which happens to be a re-edit of Aït Meslayene's funky 1976 gem "El Fen". The original song was released as the B-side track to Meslayene's hard-to-find twelve-inch single Yémma and has a bit of a cosmic mid-eastern groove that becomes rather addicting over time. There's not huge differences between the re-edit and the original, however the Disco Devil crew was able to beef the song up a bit with a thicker bass and drum groove. That being said, the edit does just enough to make this already very unique and addicting disco gem that much better. Plus, the re-edit release makes it a lot easier, as well as a much cheaper route in obtaining a version of the song. Here is the 1976 'nearly impossible-to-find' original.

Aït Meslayene - El Fen

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rmd said...

thank you so much. i heard (an edit of?) this track years ago in this daniele baldelli mix, where he loops the chanting and turns it into a super-addictive/hypnotic groove at about 31 minute in, and have since been driving myself crazy trying to figure out where those chants were from. nice to finally hear the rest of the track, which is great too.

Soulico US Tour Blog said...

Great Stuff
really feeling it all the way from Tel Aviv


eyal rob

Anonymous said...

This is HOT!