Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Hot to Trot

Alfredo De La Fé's funky 1979 classic "Hot to Trot" is a track that I happy to stumble across for the first time this last summer while visiting London. This Latin flavoured cut, which focuses heavily on the percussion and string arrangements, was originally featured on De La Fé's album Alfredo. Understanding the song starts with understanding the artist himself. De La Fé is a Cuban born violinist, whom now resides in New York. He lived for more than 16 years in Columbia, learning to master the violin, while being heavily influenced by Salsa and Latin music. All these influences, along with disco, are very apparent in this amazing and funky classic that can just about get any dancefloor moving.

Alfredo De La Fé - Hot to Trot

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Anonymous said...

Don't like this too. Hmm... love almost all tracks published here but the last two... Ok this one isn't badfrom a quality point of view but it's not my taste. But yesterdays track (Nuggets)... yep it's vilage people style but very bad. However, people have different taste and that's good ...i won't hear the same stuff everyday! And man, I love your blog!

PS: Still missing Montana's Little Drummer Boy version from his christmas LP. I expected that goody from montana fan (by the way for a montan fan) last christmas.


Social Disco Club said...

One of my all time favourites!

First time i listen to this was in a Dimitri From Paris live set, and totaly blow me away!

I usually play the Danny Krivit edit.

Great post.

Pat Les Stache said...

SDC, Did the Krivit re-edit ever make it out on vinyl? Would love to check that out.

Social Disco Club said...é-City-Country-City-Hot-To-Trot/release/868891

Can be the same tracks with diferent labels..I have the first, and the version you have on your blog looks the same on my record..Is the original version you post or the Krivit edit? a little mystery here...

As far as i know all the records from the labels like: BRO Records Inc.; TD Records Inc.; etc, etc, are Danny Krivit Edits..

Someone help us here please!

Social Disco Club said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Pat Les Stache said...

It's actually the bootleg version on the Garage Classics twelve-inch.

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