Monday, August 09, 2010

Funky Super Stars of Africa

As I've mentioned before, 2010 has been a solid year for African reissues and compilations. Another great Afro funk reissue that I highly recommend picking up is Ikenga Super Stars of Africa's rare and much-sought after 1977 self-titled album. This funky record features five solid tracks, including the heavy-hitting Afro funk gem "Greedy Man". Other tracks include "Ojele Woman", "Your Thing", "Nwannemu Oho", and "Soffry Soffry Catch Monkey", which are all very solid. Unlike some reissues that I've heard, this record was well pressed, preserving the overall sound quality of the original. It's also important to note that this is a limited-edition repressing release, therefore this reissue shouldn't last long in record shops. Overall, their is no denying the beauty of owning an original release, however the reissue of this hard-to-find classic is certainly one worth being excited about. Enjoy!

Ikenga Super Stars of Africa - Greedy Man

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