Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Kaloule Woman

Here is a recent re-edit I did of Malinga Five's 1977 funky Afro gem "Kaloule Woman". I played around with this edit for quite a while, trying to find the right overall arrangement/ feel, and I came to the decision to keep a lot of the original elements intact. I always thought the original track was a little short in actual length, coming in just under three-minutes, therefore what I focused on was mostly extending certain areas of the song, giving the overall track more longevity. I originally planned on releasing this as part of Cabana Disco Vol.05, however at this point I haven't decided if and when the edit will receive a proper vinyl release. That being said, I definitely would love to hear everyone's feedback. It took sometime for me to come up with something that I was truly satisfied with, however now that it's finished I can honestly say that I am happy with the overall results. Hopefully everyone else feels the same. Enjoy and Feedback Please!

Malinga Five - Kaloule Woman (Pat Les Stache Re-edit)

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1 comment:

the saucer people said...

Oh this has made my freakin' day and as it's only 1am here in England, thats 23 hours of joy to go!
The Malinga Five track has been one of my all time favourite Afro tracks but like you I thought it was totally criminal it lasted less than three minutes.

Love what you have done with it and to be honest I think the best I can say is the fact I could not tell where the extended parts started and the original parts ended...and that break was just so spot on, I really hope I get to hear this on a very very loud system.....is there an eleven out of ten for edits of this calibre? If not there should be!