Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Dancin' Machine

This has certainly been a great year for re-edits and remixes. A new remix that recently caught my eye was Henrik Schwarz's reworking of The Jackson Five's 1974 dancefloor soul classic "Dancing Machine". This new remix can be found as the A-Side track on a twelve-inch single that Schwarz released a few months ago off of Universal Records. Schwarz has done a nice job here of providing a fresh new take on a known classic, using a funky synth arpeggio melody as the song's overall foundation while re-working the song's vocal arrangement. I've noticed that this new twelve inch release has been a hot item on the Internet, therefore if you find a copy of this record, I highly recommend snatching it up. Overall, I find that it's always nice to hear a fresh new take on what truly is, an absolute classic. Enjoy!

The Jackson Five - Dancing Machine (Henrik Schwarz Re-edit)

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Anonymous said...

Love Henrik Schwarz, great post, thanks!

Fighter Girl said...

One of the best songs to dance to EVER!! ;)