Friday, November 19, 2010

House Music

I'm ending this week much like I ended last week, with a bit of lost and forgotten "feel-good" Softrock. Here is Bill House's 1974 track "You're No Better Than a Common Thief", which is the opening track to Supermarkt/Mellow Mafia's incredible mix NITE-FLYTE: Funky 1978 L.A. Softrock For Your Next Nite-Drive that I posted last Friday (See Late Night Nite-Flyte). This funky track is featured on House's 1974 album "Give Me A Break". I fell in love with this track, which has a bit of a laid-back disco groove, as soon as I heard the NITE-FLYTE mix a few weeks back. Another one of those classic Softrock gems that never even made it to the "one-hit wonder" status. Glad to see the song finally receive a little bit of attention with Supermarkt/Mellow Mafia's new amazing Softrock mix. Enjoy!

Bill House - You're No Better Than a Common Thief

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