Thursday, November 11, 2010

Send Him Back

Here is a great re-edit by Pilooski of The Pointer Sisters' 1972 rare soulful track "Send Him Back". I first came across this edit thanks to DJ H.M.A. when he used to often play it back during the days we used to throw the Studio! parties in Seattle. Regardless of the night, the funky re-edit always seemed to fill the dancefloor. I was excited to finally hunt down a copy of this re-edit, which has been recently re-released as the B-side track on the Don't It Make You Crazy twelve reissue. Overall, it's a great edit and one that I think every deejay and/or disco enthusiast should own. Enjoy!

The Pointer Sisters - Send Him Back (Pilooski Re-edit)

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professor Eddy said...

They look like hookers on this picture, to be honest, but the re-edit is great! Pointer Sisers have made many great songs.

sevenraysoflondon said...

Be My Enemy

daniel viborg said...

I don't think they look like hookers, they look hot.

This edit is fucking incredible. I had to take it out of rotation for a while because I was listening to it just too much. Why can't we have more like this?

Mr B said...

great music, thanks for all the sharing