Wednesday, December 01, 2010

Get It Up For Love

Just a quick reminder that Tonight is Grow Up (See Previous Post), therefore I hope to see all the usual suspects as well as hopefully a bunch of new faces as it should be a great party. That being said, it's my turn this month to deejay the opening set (so get there early!). With that being said, I thought today it would be appropriate to post the funky laid-back gem "Get It Up For Love" by Ned Doheny. I often enjoy dropping this left-field cut during the early hours of a party, giving everyone something more relaxing to listen to while they enjoy their first (of hopefully many!) drinks of the night. The song might sound a bit familiar, as Tata Vega released a more uptempo disco version of the track on her 1978 album Try My Love. Doheny's version of the song was originally released two years prior on his 1976 album Hard Candy. The song has most recently been included on the BBE compilation Strange Games & Funky Things Volume 5, which was compiled by DJ Spinna. Overall, when it comes to classic Balearic cuts, "Get It Up For Love" is a solid gem. One that is just primed perfectly for more of those "laid back" settings. Enjoy!

Ned Doheny - Get It Up For Love

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professor Eddy said...

Yes, I like this one! The DJ Spinna mix is very good, btw.

BklynRob said...

Shixx...that is TASTY!!!