Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Feelin' Alright

Keyboardist Kiki Gyan might be best known for his contributions to the Afro-funk group Osibisa during the early and mid seventies. However after he departed from the group, the renowned Ghanaian musician released a couple of solid solo records. One of these notable records came in 1983 when he released the album Feelin' Alright off of the small Nigerian label Top Records. Many of the tracks off this album, including the title track "Feelin' Alright", had a more boogie-feel than any of his previous Afro-funk sounding records. Over the many years since it's intial release, the album has become a much sought after item by many record collectors. Kiki unfortunately past away in early June of 2004 at the young age of 47. His memory and legacy is now celebrated in the wealth of great music from both his Osibisa and solo recordings that he left behind. Enjoy!

Kiki Gyan - Feelin' Alright

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soulie said...

Pat check out '24Hrs in a disco' he did in 79 with fellow Osibisa band member kofi Ayivor.


Pat Les Stache said...

Thanks Soulie! I will certaining have to check that out. Hopefully if I can ever hunt down a copy either digitally or on vinyl, I will try to post it to this site.

Thanks again!

soulie said...

Pat tip us the nod and i'll send you a copy,vocal & inst.


Milly said...

Adore your blog - I'm following!

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