Thursday, January 13, 2011

The New Ingredient

You can make a strong argument that the most erotic disco song of all-time is Tony Silvester & The New Ingredient's mid-seventies track "Pazuzu". This sleazy disco classic, which sounds like an audio excerpt from a seventies adult film, was released on the 1976 album Magic Touch. This album represented Silvester's first solo album after he left the seventies soul/funk group The Main Ingredient. The rare album has continued to be a much sought after item by record collectors and deejays. A couple years ago, the label Skylax released a twelve-inch single that included both the original version of "Pazuzu", along with a superb re-edit of the song done by Prins Thomas. Overall, when it comes to disco, there certainly isn't any shortage of erotic classics, however Tony Silvester's "Pazuzu" might qualify as being the most sexually explicit of the bunch. Enjoy!

Tony Silvester & The New Ingedient - Pazuzu

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Anonymous said...

Great song with beatifull lyrics :)