Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Shifting Gears

One of the greatest soul-jazz records, in my opinion, is Johnny Hammond's classic 1975 album Gears. This hard-to-find album blends together jazz, funk, soul, and disco together to help produce a superb group of tracks that helped give the record, over time, a mass appeal across a wide and diverse audience. The album features a number of classic gems including Fantasy, Los Conquistadores Chocolat├ęs, Tell Me What To Do, and my personal favorite Shifting Gears. I was very excited to find a used copy of this record a couple years ago at one of my favorite record shops in Seattle (Jive Time Records), and the LP has continued to be one of my favorites within my personal record collection. Overall, when it comes to great soul-jazz records of the seventies, there probably isn't a better album that Gears. Enjoy!

Johnny Hammond - Shifting Gears

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Anonymous said...

This takes me back too my soulboy days.


Anonymous said...

you're so right, best soul jazz records ever! Every track are so good!

Wolter said...

All time. wish it had been recorded with a bit more bass though.

Anonymous said...

Got this one too ... of course I play Fantasy often !!!