Thursday, January 20, 2011

Roda De Samba

Today I thought I would keep it short and sweet with another funky jazz gem in The Hi-Fly Orchestra's Latin-flavoured cut "Roda De Samba". This funky dancefloor-friendly track was released as a 45rpm single off of the label Record Kicks. This single represents just one of the many great releases this German jazz group has released since the 2005, when the group was established. I highly recommend checking out this single, as well as many other their other releases. Enjoy!

The Hi-Fly Orchestra - Roda De Samba

Purchase The Hi-Fly Orchestra's 45rpm single Roda De Samba and many of the other group's releases by Clicking Here.

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julien said...

Hi Pat,
Just discovered your blog. I love it. Thanks so much for sharing all that good stuff.


tee cardaci said...

Thanks for putting me up on this one! I'll be dropping this at my Botafogo Social Club Night in Rio. And so...from Rio to Germany to Milan to San Francisco and then all the way back to Rio...the groove goes on :) Cheers!

dr.watts said...

what an amazing blog! thanks for urning me on to a bunch'o'stuff i've never heard before. come to toronto and dj, we need more funk here. you rule! later-drwatts