Thursday, February 03, 2011

Freedom Road

As the world continues to watch what looks to be a full-blown revolution in Egypt, I thought it might be slightly fitting and maybe a little ironic to feature the soulful revolutionary classic "Freedom Road" by The Pharaohs. This funky track was released by the Chicago-based group back in 1971 off of the small label Scarab Records and later reissued in the mid nineties by Luv N' Haight. Both the reissue and the original pressing are pretty rare to find these days, therefore if you have the extra cash on hand, I highly recommend snatching up the album if you ever come across it. The track "Freedom Road" was also recently included on the superb Soul Jazz Records compilation "Freedom Rhythm & Sound", which I featured on this site a couple weeks ago (SEE Freedom, Rhythm, & Sound. By no means am I trying to get too political here, however hopefully through this historic uprising by what seems to be the oppressed Egyptian people, they too will soon be able to sing the same words that are expressed in this song. Enjoy!

The Pharaohs - Freedom Road

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soulie said...

what i was going too say is not this as not to offend.
As we say here


Anonymous said...

i think you mean "oppressed".

certainly foreign reporters have been suppressed. :)