Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Alchemy Of The Blues

Here is one of the funkiest tracks I have ever heard in Sarah Webster Fabio's 1976 spoken-word gem "Sweet Songs". This funky cut was featured on the poet's incredible album Jujus/Alchemy Of The Blues, which brilliantly brings together forward-thinking poetry and funky rhythms, much in the same way as Gil Scott-Heron's classic spoken-word gem "Revolution Will Not Be Televised", in producing an amazing album that is heavy on message and groove. The impressive backing music to the record was written and recorded by many members of Sarah's family. The original pressing of this record has been known for costing up to a few thousand dollars, however Folkways Records which originally released the album, has recently released a reissue of the record. The superb German label Tramp Records has also released a 7" record that features two of the albums most impressive tracks in "Sweet Songs" and the instrumental version of the title track "Jujus/Alchemy Of The Blues". I highly recommend picking up any of these reissued releases, as they probably won't last a long time on record shelves. Overall, it's nice to see one of the funkiest albums ever recorded available again for all the masses to hear. Enjoy!

Sarah Webster Fabio - Sweet Songs

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